Fat Dissolving Injections

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Fat dissolving injections are relatively new in Australia, but they have been available in the US and Canada since 2015. They are extremely safe, and Dr Face is one of the first clinics in Melbourne to successfully trial and offer them. All of our doctors are experts in the field of injectables, so you know you’ll get a safe and natural-looking result.

Do fat dissolving injections really work?

What are they?

As the name suggests, fat dissolving injections are used to dissolve fat and can permanently reduce and reshape a double chin, without the need for liposuction.

The injections act as a detergent on fat deposits under the chin and in the upper neck. When the product comes into contact with the fat cells, it breaks down the outer cell walls. The cell contents then leak out and are carried away by the liver. Once they are destroyed, the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat.

What are they used for?

Fat dissolving injections permanently dissolve fat cells to contour the neck and create a more effective jawline. No more double chin!

How long do they take?

Fat dissolving injections are very effective, but they are not a quick fix treatment. Like the old saying, it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen. Each treatment takes around 30 minutes.

For best results, most people need between two and three treatments, with two or three months off between visits. The effects of fat dissolving injections last for at least four years.

Do they hurt?

You will feel a slight stinging sensation at the injection site and there will be swelling after treatment. The swelling can last for up to four weeks and it is a good sign. It is caused by the chemical reaction killing off the fat cells and shows that the treatment is working.

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