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Fillers, injectables and revolutionary fat-dissolving injections.
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You, Only better.

Fillers & injectables.
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Melbourne CBD & Richmond.
Revolutionary fat dissolving injections available now!
Dr.Face - Brand Asset

Wrinkles aren’t a sign of age. They’re a sign you’ve laughed longer, lived well and smiled more deeply. Every line is full of memories, but that doesn’t mean you have to share them with the world.

The gold standard.

The best you can get.

Everyone has something they’re really good at. For us, it’s dermal fillers and injectables. It’s all we do, so all of our time goes into making you look amazing. We’re all doctors too, with more than 70 years between us in the medical industry.

A look that’s nothing but natural.

With our trademark natural look, there’s no obvious signs you’ve had treatment, just a natural looking face.

Do your research!

You can get anti-wrinkle and filler injections nearly anywhere these days but it’s important to always ask who’s injecting and If they’re properly trained, use a safe product and are legally compliant. And just as important as the product itself is the treatment plan.

We train constantly to keep up to date with the latest medical research. Every face is different, and so is every person and their goals. That’s why we focus on planning and carefully assessing every patient individually before starting treatment. You get the look you want, in a way that’s safe and effective.

It’s you, only better.


Experts in injectables

Dr Face, aka Dr. Vilma Dimaria, is a certified Allergan trainer and an expert in injectables. She leads a team of highly skilled doctors who put your comfort and wellbeing first with every treatment. We’re known for giving you the natural look you want, without leaving a trace.

All of our treatments are walk-in and walk-out, so, when you’re finished, you can get straight back to your busy life. You’ll learn what to expect about the treatments themselves during our planning phase, where you can ask all the questions you like.

Dr Face Procedures
Anti-wrinkle injections

Smooth me

Anti-wrinkle injections were first used in the 1960s. The face of cosmetic rejuvenation is always changing, but anti-wrinkle injections are still a go-to treatment because they are so simple and effective.

When anti-wrinkle medication is injected into the small facial muscles that cause wrinkles, it blocks the nerve signals that make your facial muscles contract. When these muscles are fully relaxed, the wrinkles soften.

The medication we use at Dr Face is one of the safest available and has been evaluated in clinical trials and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals.

  • Reduce frown lines
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Look refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, angry or worried
  • Undetectable
Dermal fillers

Plump me up

Dermal fillers can restore volume to the face and lips and can be used to treat wrinkles as well. They are safe, reversible and the results last for months to years.

The fillers we use are the best available and are made from a harmless natural sugar molecule. This is the same substance that is found in the skin and delivers nutrients that help the skin retain its moisture and softness.

  • Great for fuller lipsGreat for fuller lips
  • Smooths fine wrinkles and deep lines
  • Lifts, fills and refreshes cheeks
  • Look refreshed and rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, angry or worried
  • Undetectable
Fat dissolving injections

Contour me

Fat dissolving injections are a game changer in cosmetic skin treatments, because they remove fat under the chin without the need for liposuction. A series of fat dissolving injections can permanently remove a double chin and contour the facial profile, so that it looks younger and firmer.

The injectable we use is identical to the molecule naturally produced in the body that promotes the absorption of fat. It is extremely safe, yet effective and we are proud to be one of the first clinics in Melbourne to offer it.

  • Permanently dissolves fat cells under the chin
  • Contours the neck
  • Creates a more attractive jawline
  • Helps men look more chiselled, women look more contoured
  • Undetectable
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Why Dr.Face?

We’re medical doctors first, and we focus on effective medical treatments for facial wrinkles, volume loss and ageing.


You’ll deal with just one of us – a single physician willing to go that extra mile each time you make an appointment.

Your health first

Your doctor will check your medical history, explain changes in your face, expertly assess your needs and advise on the best approach, products and techniques.


We take into account motivation, desired result and age-appropriateness. If we feel that injectables aren’t right for you, we’ll point you in the direction of a more suitable practitioner.

Doctors only

Seeing a trained doctor ensures best practice, best products and best results.