Your face, only better.

Dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and fat-dissolving injections by doctors with more than 70 years of collective experience.

Melbourne CBD, Richmond, Caroline Springs & Shepparton.
Early morning, evening & Saturday appointments.

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Dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle and fat-dissolving injections by doctors with more than 70 years of collective experience.

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Melbourne CBD, Richmond,
Caroline Springs & Shepparton.

Early morning, evening
and Saturday appointments.

Is something about your face cramping your confidence?

If you look in the mirror and see someone a little older, angrier, sadder or more tired than you remember, you’re in the right place.

With a deep understanding of facial anatomy in both men and women, the Dr Face team does more than plump a lip and fix a frown – we treat the cause. The result is nothing but natural, so no one will know.

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Your face, a doctor’s hands

With more than 70 years experience and thousands of clients treated between us, you can rest assured you’ve settled for the best. And we don’t just treat the ladies – more blokes are coming through our door than ever before.

Experience counts

Dr. Face Doctors

Dr Face specialises in dermal fillers and injectables. It’s all we do. By sticking to what we know, we ensure no one knows you’ve been in to see us.

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Do your research

Anti-wrinkle, fat-dissolving and filler injection services are widespread, but it’s important to always ask who’s injecting, if they’re properly trained and if the product is safe and legally compliant. Once that’s out of the way, make sure you understand the treatment plan.

Technique & planning

We are constantly keeping up to date with the latest medical research. Just as every face is different, so too are the aesthetic goals of each individual. That’s why we focus on planning and carefully assessing each patient before starting treatment. We only provide you with the look you want if it’s safe and effective.

Without a trace

With our trademark natural look, there are no obvious signs you’ve had treatment. We believe in helping our clients return to or become the best version of themselves, because there’s nothing more attractive than being comfortable in your own skin.

Four convenient locations:

Melbourne CBD, Richmond, Caroline Springs & Shepparton.
Early morning, evening & Saturday appointments.

Our flagship practice is located opposite 101 Collins Street in the heart of the CBD. With consultations available outside working hours, it’s a cinch to stroll to your appointment during the week. Along with our practices in Richmond and Shepparton, we have treated thousands of clients all over Victoria.

We’re waiting with coffee on hand.

We treat the cause, not the symptom, for a long-lasting and natural result.

We see men and women 18-years old and up.

All of our treatments are walk-in walk-out, so you can launch straight back into your busy life.

Dr Face Procedures

Anti-wrinkle injections

When anti-wrinkle medication is injected into the small facial muscles that cause wrinkles, it safely blocks nerve signals that make your facial muscles contract. This causes the muscles to fully relax and softens wrinkles in the process. It’s a simple but effective treatment.

The medication we use at Dr Face is one of the safest available. It’s been evaluated in both clinical trials and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles in scientific and medical journals.

  • Reduce frown lines
  • Reduce crow’s feet
  • Look refreshed & rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, sad, angry or worried
  • Undetectable
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Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers can restore volume to the face and lips and can also be used to treat wrinkles. They are safe, reversible and the results last for months to years.

The fillers we use are the best available, made from a harmless natural sugar molecule. This is the same as a substance that’s naturally found in the skin, which delivers nutrients that help your skin retain moisture and softness.

  • Fuller lips
  • Smoothes fine wrinkles & deep lines
  • Lifts, fills & refreshes cheeks
  • Look refreshed & rejuvenated
  • Look as good as you feel, not tired, sad, angry or worried
  • Undetectable
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Fat-dissolving injections

Fat-dissolving injections are a game changer in cosmetic skin treatments, removing fat under the chin without invasive liposuction. A series of fat-dissolving injections can permanently remove a double chin and contour the face, causing it to look younger and firmer.

The injectable we use is identical to a molecule naturally produced in the body that promotes the absorption of fat. It’s as safe as it is effective and we’re proud to be one of the first clinics in Melbourne to offer it.

  • Permanently dissolves fat cells under the chin
  • Contours the neck
  • Creates a more attractive jaw line
  • Helps men look more chiselled & women look more contoured
  • Undetectable
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No feeling down when you have banished the frown !! Injector @dr_mark_at_dr_face
When you aim for a fresh and natural look. Anti wrinkle treatment to smooth crows feet instead of completely vanishing lines. Injector @drsara_drface #antiwrinkle #crowsfeet #cosmeticinjectables #injectables
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Initial results can be seen within three to four days of treatment, and lasts up to four months.
The most common areas for anti wrinkle injections are the crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines. The main motivation behind this procedure is wanting to “look better” which translates to younger, less tired or less worried. At Dr Face we help you achieve your definition of better.
What are anti wrinkle injections and what do they do? In the next few posts you can see @drsara_drface administering some anti wrinkle injections. This treatment has no downtime and take around 20 minutes. The results see your fine lines and wrinkles softened and in some cases eliminated to create a fresh and more youthful appearance.
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