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A lesson in injectables

By December 6, 2018Injectables
A lesson in injectables

The Dr Face team encourages patients to be fully informed with regards to cosmetic treatment options available to them. The use of cosmetic injectables is a highly individualised medical procedure. There are risks and potentially unwanted side effects that you need to be aware of before you sign up for treatment. You should know that there is a range of products available for cosmetic injectors to use and each product has different effects and profess to different levels of results. So, lets’ talk about the basics and who can you trust with your treatment.

Know your wrinkles

For this discussion, let’s concentrate on the products that treat the lines on your face. The products approved by the TGA and available in Australian to treat facial wrinkles can fall into two categories.

1. Anti-wrinkle injections weaken the muscles in the face to reduce your facial lines using a toxin that relaxes the muscle and allows the skin to flatten out.

2. Dermal fillers that are injected to restore volume to the face. These products are both ‘prescription only’ medications and should only be administered by a registered medical practitioner. When the treatment is being carried out, it is recommended that the medical practitioner that prescribed is present for the whole time the procedure is being carried out.

Product choices

Within these categories, there are a range of TGA approved products available on the Australian market for your cosmetic physician to choose from for your treatment. The difference between the products comes down to active ingredients, concentration of those active ingredients, how long they last and the level of skill of your injector.

Assess your practitioner

Talk it out. Don’t be shy. Ask your injector why they have chosen that product to treat your area of concern and not another product. What are the anticipated results for you? How much experience have they had with this product? What is the average longevity of that product choice? Have they been through the risks and addressed after care with you?

Ultimately, what is important is that you have done enough research to put your trust in your injector. Your injector should be highly trained in cosmetic injectables & experienced with the products they are using. They need to be listening and addressing your concerns to be able to appropriately choose the product to give you the result you are seeking safely.

At Dr Face, all our cosmetic injectors are registered doctors that specialise in cosmetic injectables. Our doctors are trained extensively in the products that they prescribe, regularly attending training to keep abreast of the best practice within the industry.

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