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Pump up the volume

By May 28, 2017May 18th, 2020Injectables
Pump Up The Volume

Aging gracefully, oh please.

Aging gracefully is all very well in theory. We can stay in the shade, stop laughing, take back the years of excess, stop living it up, but if someone knows how in the world we can keep volume in these cheeks, please, please tell me how?

Volume loss happens, let’s blame gravity or genes. Or let’s stop the blame game and get onto fixing it. That’s why at Dr Face we can keep smiling because we know the answer: Fillers, it’s not complicated. In fact, it is super easy.

How can Fillers help? Let us count the ways …

Fillers can be used to replace volume loss most commonly in the cheeks, to increase the size and define shape. They can also be used to help you achieve the oh so perfect lips, or forehead or nose. They can rid you of bags under the eyes. Another wonderful thing about fillers is the results are immediate, so need a little ‘pick me up’? Fillers might be just the trick.

At Dr Face we only use the good stuff, which is why the effect will last anywhere from 9 – 24 months, this depends on the product, the area treated, metabolism, lifestyle, all the usual suspects.

What exactly are dermal fillers full of?

Dermal fillers are smooth injectable gels used to restore or add volume to the face. Fillers vary in density (thickness) which determines which area they can be used in and helps achieve the desired result, whether that is to provide lift or contouring, create symmetry, or enhance a specific feature such as the lips.

Many dermal fillers contain a synthetic compound that mimics the properties of a naturally occurring sugar molecule. This molecule assists in skin firmness and smoothness, by providing a kind of supporting network for other important structural tissue components, at the same time drawing moisture to the area and holding onto it. Over time, our natural levels of this sugar diminish, which is where fillers can help – literally filling wrinkles and hollow areas from within.

What if I didn’t lose the volume, it was never mine.

Fillers aren’t just for replacement, or anti-aging. Fillers can enhance certain features; pump the lips, straighten the nose line, and create the look of higher cheek bones; So you can pucker up, get chiseled and grab a bag bargain.

Pucker up

Kiss, purse, taste, blow, whistle. We love lips at Dr Face, and we love helping to create your ideal pout. Injectable lip enhancement involves the strategic injections of dermal fillers into the lips and the direct surrounding areas. This can add definition and shape as well as volume. Trouts don’t really belong on faces, Dr Face likes to give a little pump for that youthful natural look.

Get chiseled

Name a classic beauty that doesn’t have epic cheekbones. It comes with the territory. The bone structure catches the light, striking and classic, it screams “I got great genes” Don’t worry they annoy us to, but we found a way to feel better, we are mighty good at emulating the look. The filler is injected in small doses using tiny needles to the cheeks. When you fill in the cheeks, magic happens, everything gets pulled up; decreasing the downturn of the mouth and nasolabial folds and reduce the tear troughs (hollow under the eyes)

Grab a bag bargain

There is a quote, “The bags under my eyes are Chanel” Really? Because they sure don’t feel like it. Would you rather them gone? Dr Face will work on the removals for you, or more like a replacement. By injecting filler into above the eye sockets the hollow area can be plumped up, and decreasing dark circles by filling in the loose skin. When we are tired, we look tired which is fine, its expected, but if you look tired all the time, well that’s just plain unfair, but treatable. Now for that real Chanel …

Fill me up

So, what’s not to love about fillers? Not much. Whilst they are long lasting they are not permanent, perfect for building over time, till you have things just the way you like them. If your maker didn’t bless you with killer cheekbones, Dr Face can.

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