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Why less is more with dermal fillers

By May 1, 2018May 18th, 2020Injectables

Over-filling is so over.  The aim is to restore volume to the face and lips and leave you with a natural, glow. Yet all too often, we see celebrities (and non-celebrities) with way too much filler in their faces. It’s that ‘over-volumised’ look, typically in lips or cheeks and sometimes the brow or temples.

So why does this keep happening? And how can you avoid it?

Plump, not pumped up.

With all facial rejuvenation procedures, expert injection techniques always lead to better results. Dermal fillers are best used minimally, with extreme care and in the right places. They can be a great way to reshape a face, or refine a feature, such as lips or cheeks. (eye bags or uneven features). And in the hands of a good practitioner, they can produce a subtle natural look. A look that’s still you, only better.

Be sure to choose an experienced, conservative cosmetic injector. Look for qualified professionals who produce results that look natural and beautiful. You can discover this by looking at photos on their website, Instagram account or other social media.

Here’s a quick checklist of qualities you’re looking for.

A good clinician should:

  • be strict about safety and hygiene. This is your face we’re talking about!
  • have a good knowledge of facial anatomy and know precisely where to inject.
  • be aware of the risks associated with fillers and how to avoid them.
  • only use quality, proven products that are safe and effective.

Dr.Webster, co-founder of Dr.Face talks to us about the miracle of facial injectables during his 25 year career.

What else should I look for?

Remember, you’re aiming for quality results that last. So, look for a price that’s reasonable. It’s probably not going to be the cheapest, but you know you’ll get good results.

A good practitioner will go slowly, explain their strategy and let you know the best corrective approach for your face, including its unique structure, the history of your facial expressions and your unique expressions. They will take the time to listen to your wishes and concerns without rushing you.

Honesty is also important – someone who will be honest about what can be achieved. They won’t over-promise. And they won’t use too much product giving you the dreaded over-filled look.

At Dr Face, we’re are all medical professionals with decades of experience between us. We have extensive experience with the products we use, and we love what we do.

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