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The Dr Face Package Deal

By March 19, 2019May 18th, 2020Practice News
Dr.Face Package Deal

So you have noticed something is happening to your face. It started with your worry lines – but now they are there even when you are not worrying. You can’t rub them off. You look tired, but you’re getting the right amount of sleep. And you feel your face is starting to sag – 2 years ago you never even knew that was even a thing! Oh goodness, make it stop.

What we do:

Jump online to secretly work this out. Right? Dr Google will absolutely have your answer. You work through it. You’ve done your research and diagnosed your condition – Aging. Yep, it’s happening to you and it’s not going to stop. There is no cure for aging. Your mother always said it was going to catch up with you, and it has, and your face is giving the game away. Deep breath…

Now if this was happening to you 25 years ago, your range of good options for treatment would be limited. You are lucky – you’ve live now and have worked this out. However, it can be overwhelming – there are a huge number of products and practitioners that profess to being able to help you with your aging face.

You have now uncovered this massive industry that you thought only belonged to celebrities. You ask yourself – who the bleep do I think I am – I’m just a person with something going on with my face that is not making me happy. What is all this? Who to choose? This is your face after all. Your face. Not the 27-year-old sitting next to you on the tram or your 55-year-old boss. You don’t have one million to spend on a new face. And this is the only face you have and it’s what everyone sees. So you need to be careful. You want to look like you – but not like this you – with the lines and the sag. The other you, the one your feel on the inside.

Now what?

You want good advice and a treatment plan. You are looking for a trustworthy, experienced professional that looks at hundreds of faces every year sharing your exact issues and successfully helps them. You want someone that hears people tell them they feel they have face that looks tired, saggy, angry or sad every day and they have a solution and happy customers. You need a practitioner that will look at the cause of your facial aging – not the symptoms – and know exactly what to do. You know that if treat just the symptoms, your result will be suboptimal. You need a tailor-made treatment plan, made for your face and your budget.

The deal

At Dr Face, we have a package deal for you. The offer to you is to be treated by qualified doctors that have been in the industry for decades, doctors that train constantly to keep their skills and knowledge current, that associate with plastic surgeons and other experienced cosmetic physicians – all so that you can look your best you for life.

It includes consultation with our Doctor only team to provide you a precise methodical and strategic approach to analysing and treating your face. And it will be tailored to your individual requirements for your face taking into account your own facial proportions and anatomy. We will help to plan with you, addressing your timing and your budget. Your face will look refreshed, more youthful and relaxed.

What a deal!

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