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Your feedback

By November 25, 2019May 18th, 2020Practice News

We are getting busier each day as our client base continues to grow, so we have reflected on the feedback that you have given us. At Dr Face, we create strong relationships with our clients so that we produce the natural results that you want. Our goal is to make sure that you arrive feeling calm, leave looking natural, and come back more excited than before!

At the end of the day, we can talk the talk… but can we walk the walk? We were excited by that challenge. So, we collected every piece of feedback that our clients have given us over the past year, and used this to create a word cloud. The way word clouds work is simple; the more often a specific word appears in the feedback that you left, the bigger and bolder it appears.

The experience

First of all, you’ll meet our friendly reception staff who make sure you are relaxed and at ease. After that, you will meet with our skilled doctors, who make sure that you are cared for and safe throughout the procedure. Though injectables can be daunting, our talented doctors listen to your concerns, so that you feel reassured and comfortable.

The doctors

Our staff are experts in the field of injectables. All of our cosmetic injectors are registered doctors, who preform a huge amount of treatments every week. Our doctors are trained extensively in the products that they prescribe; they regularly attend training to make sure that they’re always aware of any new advancements in the industry. This means that our doctors are honest when they give you advice. If they know a better way to achieve the results that you want, they won’t hesitate to give you their expert opinion. This means that you will leave feeling confident about your new, refreshed look.

The results

The doctors at Dr Face make sure that you leave with natural, but noticeable, differences. Our professional doctors have years of experience, so they know how to give you the results that you want without that “botched” look. We want to make sure that you leave feeling as incredible as you will look!