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Fixing the “botched”

By July 20, 2019May 18th, 2020Injectables
Choose your doctor carefully

Fact: The choice of your cosmetic injector matters.

Over the past years, more often than you would think, we see distressed patients coming to our practice reporting bad experiences and presenting with “botched” results from cosmetic injections.
Let’s talk about what you can do to get the best result possible from cosmetic injections.


Firstly, you should know it’s probably not the product that has caused any “botched” results. It will more than likely be the technique used. The fantastic thing about cosmetic injections is that if something goes wrong or you are not happy with the result, in the case of anti-wrinkle injections, it will wear off over a few months, or in the case of dermal filler, can be dissolved and made right.

Having said this, you want to make sure that the product your injector uses is TGA approved. Ask your injector why they use their chosen product range. Also, be wary of very cheap product offerings with the fear the product is being diluted or has been illegally imported.

It’s all in the technique

Really, what you are after is great results – right? To get great results, it’s all about the amount of experience, training and the techniques used by your injector. Choosing an injector with a solid reputation, is the only way to go. You want someone honest, that will tell you exactly what to expect from the chosen treatment. You want someone professional that will perform your treatment safely.

Protect yourself.

Look at choosing your injector like choosing a close friend – it’s an important relationship that will exist for years – even decades. It is about trust and rapport. When you meet for the consult for the first time, think about the following questions: Do they make you feel comfortable? Can you be honest with this person? Do you feel like they are listening to you? Do you trust what is being said to you?
Remember, this person may be making changes to your face and it is a medical procedure. It should not feel like an exercise in selling product. Listen to your gut. You should never feel pressured into a procedure. If you feel it’s not right for you, it is your right to say goodbye. Do some more research and try again.

At Dr Face, all our cosmetic injectors are registered doctors that preform a high volume of cosmetic injectable treatment on patients every week. In fact, cosmetic injections is all we do! Our doctors are trained extensively in the products that they prescribe, regularly attending training to keep abreast of the best practice within the industry.

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