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Jawline Treatments

By January 14, 2020May 18th, 2020Injectables

The most common reason for jawline treatments is to create the illusion of a more streamlined and symmetrical face. Cosmetic injectables are no longer used just for aesthetics, though! Our doctors are fully trained in the use of filler and anti-wrinkle products for medical purposes, too. The world and knowledge of injectables is growing quickly – the days of taboo anti-wrinkle injections performed in secret are well behind us – and Dr Face is happy to be at the forefront of this revolution.


A strong jawline has been symbolic of heroism and bravery for centuries, with many sculptures of Greek heroes having prominent jawlines. These strong jaws convey the strength, trustworthiness, and valor. Men like Hercules, Jason and Perseus were quite literally sculpted by the gods, and have always been portrayed with strong, masculine jaws. This tradition has carried on throughout the ages. To this day we find men with stronger, more prominent jawlines to be generally more handsome. Men such as Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth – universally attractive, and all because of their strong jawlines. Men often visit Dr Face to have fillers injected along the top of their jawline, to create a more prominent and defined face shape. You too could be the next Greek God – all you need to do is call!

Aesthetic jawline treatment doesn’t stop there! We also notice a large portion of women have jawline injections to streamline and balance their face shape. The ‘perfect’ jawline for a female is generally considered to be thin and heart-shaped. Though we completely disagree with the idea of a ‘perfect’ anything, our doctors know where to inject to create a more typically ‘feminine’ face shape. When injecting, our doctors will inject under the jawline to help elongate the chin without adding volume.  Married at First Sight‘s Martha Kalifatidis visited Dr Vilma Di Maria for cosmetic jawline injections – below, you can see her streamlined jaw post-treatment!


Jawline treatments and cosmetic injections in general, are no longer just for aesthetic purposes. According to recent medical advancements, cosmetic injections can also be used for medical purposes. Our doctors stay well informed and constantly retrain, so all of them are able to perform these types of injections. Migraines and teeth grinding can be prevented by using these kinds of injections!

Injecting anti-wrinkle product into the masseter muscles causes it to relax, which prevents subconscious teeth grinding. Our doctors are well trained in these kinds of procedures because they have patients request masseter injections every week. If you notice that you’re grinding, check with your dentist to see if this kind of injection would benefit you!