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Fresh is always better than Frozen

By May 12, 2017May 18th, 2020Injectables
Fresh Is Better than Frozen

Want to look fresh but not fake? At Dr. Face we get it.


Anti-wrinkle injections are primarily used for the reduction, and sometimes prevention, of fine lines and wrinkles. Most commonly the injections are used to treat the frown lines between the eyebrows, decrease the forehead lines and to crow’s feet.


The most common reason people decide to have treatment is because they want to look ‘better’, whether that is fresher, less tired, less worried, younger. It is your definition of better that we are here to help you achieve. Some clients pop in on their lunch break to remove a little bothering line, no one will know! Sometimes they want the works, looking for dramatic results, wanting the entire world to see. At Dr. Face we provide you with a consultation including complete facial analysis and assessment, a discussion regarding your concerns and ideal results. The doctor will then provide you with a tailor- made treatment plan At Dr. Face we believe you know what you want and we are here to help you achieve it, without a trace!


Anti-wrinkle injections contain a natural purified protein which temporarily inhibits muscle movement.


Does the age old saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ apply to anti-wrinkle injections? The answer is not so simple, and whether you can put a hold on these lines before they appear is still not quite proven. It does make sense that the treatment prevents the muscles from over working and therefore developing lines and wrinkles, but difficult to prove. Age is only one factor- there is genes, lifestyle, sun damage. Many patients do observe a reduction on the return of lines over time. If using for preventative measures, at Dr. Face we recommend starting with ‘little baby doses’. Let’s not lose that natural youthful look.


Initial results can be seen from 3 to 4 days’ post treatment, the full benefit becomes visible at 7 to 14 days, so keep this in mind for special times, trips away, birthdays- both dreaded and celebrated! The treatment effects can last anywhere from 3 to 4 months, depending on age, lifestyle genes etc. The great thing is there is very little down time with anti-wrinkle injections, you can get back to your day straight away. Lines happen because we show emotion, which is good. The lines mean we have lived. Over time as we get older the lines seem to stay rather than come and go, they become static. These lines are wrinkles and may be visible all the time. They can be corrected with anti-aging injections.

Fresh is always better than Frozen If you’re not crazy about the effect, don’t worry there are always options, you can contact your doctor if you have questions. More likely is that you will love them, wanting them to last forever. We love those wrinkles you never see!


It’s normal to feel a little apprehensive before your first treatment, we suggest you do your homework. You can book an initial consultation with one of our doctors who will discuss your treatment options and tailor a plan just for you. You are unique, so it can make the world of difference to have a proper opinion from a doctor who cares and consultation with an experienced doctor who specialises in facial anatomy.


The best way to create a natural look is to not go overboard to begin with. It all comes down to the dose, and prescribed correctly at Dr. Face we will keep you looking like you. Results take time, and to avoid the frozen look we can start with smaller doses, you can contact the doctors post treatment with questions or in your follow up appointment as required.

Until your next appointment here’s a beauty tip from Dr. Face; stop worrying – you look better without that frown.

Everybody is beautiful. Nobody is perfect.

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