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MD Codes – the “feelings” approach to your treatment

By October 17, 2018Injectables
MD Codes

There is a buzz in the cosmetic industry over the Dr Mauricio de Maio innovated way of treating emotional attributes. Labelled the MD Codes, the approach considers the full face and how the patient – YOU – feel about their face AND what the patient – YOU – want your face to tell the world. It is movement away from simply chasing the lines to treating the face holistically. It is based on a deep understanding of facial anatomy to provide consistently natural looking results.

What really is the difference?

Let’s think about this – We link emotional attributes to facial movements. If someone frowns, you think that person is angry. We see a mouth that is turned down, we think sad. Wrinkles are for old people,… and we could go on. But an angry, sad or wrinkled face is a story we have interpreted by looking at the whole face – not just the forehead or mouth. If we focus just on only one part of the face, we might miss the rest of the story that it being told or get it wrong all together. MD codes provides the cosmetic physician guidelines on linking those emotional attributes – angry, sad, tired, and saggy, – to treatment points on the face and various techniques to deliver a natural looking post treatment result.

Does it work for everyone?

Everyone’s face and motivation for treatment is different. Therefore, it makes sense that the treatment approach should be adjustable. It’s a full picture approach away from looking at facial lines and folds in isolation leading to higher patient satisfaction. In other words, we treat the cause not just the symptom. The MD Codes provide the following (in summary):

  • A series of strategic and formulated injection points – delivering a natural looking, subtle results• Demonstrate how areas of the face are indirectly improved by their neighbouring areas – treating the whole face
  • Helping practitioners to explain to patients the strategy behind their treatment
  • Highlighting areas that are dangerous to inject
  • Show what devices and techniques should be used at each injection point

So a better result?

MD Codes gives good cosmetic physicians a comprehensive tool kit to assess and treat patients addressing your actual concerns. Your doctor is looking at the cause – not just the symptoms of facial aging and can tailor to your individual requirements in consultation with you.

At Dr Face, we love this approach and our doctors were early adopters of the techniques. In fact, we have doctors in our team that travel to help train other physicians in the use of the MD Codes worldwide. The consultation process with our Doctor only team will provide you a precise methodical and strategic approach to analysing and treating your face. And it will be tailored to your individual requirements for your face taking into account your own facial proportions and anatomy. We will help to plan with you, addressing your timing and your budget.

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