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New Faces: Dr Jane Shanahan

By September 1, 2018Injectables
Dr Jane Shanahan

Dr Jane has been with Dr Face since early 2018 and works in the Shepparton clinic. She is a fully qualified Allergan trainer with many years’ experience in cosmetic medicine and is especially known for her trademark ‘tips for lips.’

Q. What do you like most about your job?

I love interacting with people every day and trying to find a solution for their needs and concerns, whether they are big or small. Everyone has different motivations when it comes to cosmetic medicine. They have unique reasons for the timing of their visit and every person is at a different stage of life. I enjoy exploring their needs and motivation and working with clients synergistically. In my previous life as a GP, my patients came because they needed to see me. Nowadays, clients who are interested in cosmetic medicine come because they want to see me. That’s a big shift in attitude and behaviours.

Q. What’s been one of your most rewarding experiences at Dr Face so far?

The most rewarding thing for me is to be able to team up with like-minded colleagues with the same attitudes, views and ethics towards aesthetics. And of course, I get the chance to visit Melbourne, which is always fun!

Q. Why did you choose to join the team at Dr Face?

Being able to work closely with Dr Vilma is the main reason I chose to join Dr Face. It’s an honour and a privilege to be able to call her not just a colleague, but a great friend (and travel companion). Sharing knowledge and skills with Dr Vilma has helped me enormously in developing my expertise in cosmetic medicine.

Q. What’s been the most satisfying outcome you’ve achieved for a client?

I enjoy the challenge of exploring possibilities and “converting” the client to the brilliant things that aesthetic medicine can do for them – especially the clients that present as unlikely to head down this path! I enjoy seeing male clients and opening them up to the possibilities of various treatments.

One of the most satisfying outcomes I have had for a client was a man who has isolated himself socially because he was
self-conscious about his facial sweating. After treatment with me, he was able to gain the confidence to head out socially, and he was even the best man at his friend’s wedding in summer!

Q. What is your professional background?

I began training in cosmetic medicine in Sydney in 2000 and now I specialises in this area. I honed my skills by working closely with plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists and fellow cosmetic physicians in Melbourne for 7 years. As well as working at Dr Face, I am currently a partner in my own practice, Respect Cosmetic Medicine and Beauty.

Q. I hear you are an Allergan trainer as well?

Yes I am, like Dr Vilma, I’ve been on the Allergan Advisory Board since 2006, and the Allergan Medical Institute Faculty since 2014. I love training people, firstly because I’m a people person and second, because it’s satisfying to see people blossom as they learn new skills.

Q. What are your future plans, professionally speaking?

One of my passions in cosmetic medicine is training doctors and nurses in the field and I would love to continue this and expand on my knowledge and skill sets. I am also excited about visiting the lovely clients in regional Victoria and providing a service to them. I am interested in women’s health and empowering women to be their best self – inside and out, so I would like to explore optimising health options for women at Dr Face.

Q. How do you find working in Shepparton?

I’m excited about working in Shepparton. It is a great town with lots of activities in the town itself and it’s also close to the river, goldfields towns and the snowfields. My family often use Shepparton as a stop on the way to our family property in Bright, and my children love to see the Mooving Arts scattered throughout the town.

Q. Do you have a personal philosophy on achieving the best you can for your clients?

Yes, I love to empower people to make choices that present their best self. Beauty, whether male or female, comes from within and everyone has their own ‘beauty” that we need to bring out and offer to their world. It’s not about the transformation into something else, it’s about the journey to try and be our best.

I also have an interest in integrative medicine which puts the patient at the centre and addresses the whole person in a complementary manner, physically, nutritionally and spiritually. I believe it’s important for people of every age to lead a healthy lifestyle, with the best diet and activity level they can afford. This philosophy often comes through in my consultations, whether it’s asked for or not!

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