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Permanent fillers – too good to be true?

By February 14, 2019May 18th, 2020Injectables

Permanent fillers – they are out there. So why don’t our injectors at Dr Face recommend them? While the idea of permanent fillers might sound appealing to you, there are things that you should know and think about when considering your dermal filler options.

Firstly, and importantly, know that sometimes, and it is not common, things can go wrong. It does not matter how experienced & careful your injector is, there is no way to avoid all the risks associated with any medical procedure. It could be that you might not like the result after your treatment. Using a semi-permanent filler, we can dissolve the product, in part or completely, returning your face to the way it was, as if nothing happened. If a permanent filler was used, you would need surgery to correct the result.

It is possible that your body has a reaction to the product that may cause extreme swelling, lumps or even infection at the injection site. These are a few of the side effects that very occasionally can happen after having dermal filler. Using a semi-permanent filler, we can reverse the filler rapidly. You might also need a course of anti-biotics to help your body with the reaction. Using a permanent filler, it is more complicated, and the solution could be surgery to remove the product.

The most serious of complications from a filler procedure is if your injector accidently injects into a blood vessel, and it causes a blockage leading to the skin dying or blindness. Using a semi-permanent filler, it could be managed by the clinic. In this event, if a permanent filler is used, it is very serious as it cannot be dissolved and irreversible consequences would not be avoided.

In summary, know that any possible complications can be treated and reversed if a semi-permanent filler is used. The only option available when using a permanent filler is surgery.

Also, remember that our face changes as we age. The facial aging process is unpredictable and dynamic. The use of a filler in one area may give a good result for a time but could change as we age. A permanent filler could leave you with odd lumps and bumps on your face as your face changes with age.

Our Dr Face team of doctors specialise in cosmetic injectables – that’s all we do at Dr Face. Our doctors are general practitioners with extensive training in both the cosmetic treatment including emergency filler management. In fact, two of our doctors are Allergan Trainers.

Our team keeps their training in cosmetic injectables current, regularly attending training to keep abreast of the current and best practice within the industry.

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