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What to say when people ask why you look so good after injectables

By June 15, 2018May 18th, 2020Injectables
Looking Good Today

It goes without saying you’ll look natural and more beautiful when you’ve been treated with injectables at one of our clinics. You’ll definitely look more rested and refreshed. But you may not want to say you’ve had work done. So, what should you reply when people ask why you look so good?

Here are 12 light-hearted suggestions from the team (don’t forget that we are all doctors) at Dr Face!

  1. I’ve been on a month’s holiday to Barbados (watch them turn green).
  2. I’ve been on a yoga retreat.
  3. I’ve been on sabbatical (don’t say this unless you are an academic).
  4. I was finishing my dissertation (same as above).
  5. I have been meditating every day and I am approaching enlightenment.
  6. I changed to a macro-biotic diet.
  7. I stopped drinking wine and now I only drink green tea.
  8. I have a new partner.
  9. I have a new facialist.
  10. Instead of working through lunch, I’ve been working out.
  11. I found some new makeup techniques on youtube.
  12. I found the secret to eternal youth!

Of course, you can always just tell them where you’ve been and what you’ve had done. Make sure you tell them that if they want to look as good as you do, they should visit Dr Face!

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